UAE Tests Patria AMV Vehicles with BMP-3 Turrets in Battle in Yemen

Photo: Military – The United Arab Emirates Army (UAE) is reported to have tested Finnish manufacturer Patria AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) in Yemen.

Reporting from TASS, Monday (08/20/2018), This was revealed by one source at the army official in anonymous condition.

According to information, the combat vehicle was equipped with a BMP-3 infantry combat module from Russia.

According to the source, the UAE has sent combat vehicles to Yemen used by the military from the UAE.

“The UAE military is actively testing Patria AMV with a BMP-3 turret in a combat environment in Yemen. The combination of chassis from Finland and combat modules from Russia are very effective. BMP-3 differs from other IFVs in terms of firepower, because of its strong weaponry, which consists of 100 mm missile cannon / launchers and 30 mm coaxial automatic cannons, “said the source.

Patria AMV was developed by Finnish Patria company. Variants equipped with BMP-3 turrets have longer hulls. Patria AMV which was equipped with a BMP-3 turret was inaugurated for the first time at the IDEX defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi in February 2007.

In February 2016, Patria Group announced an export license to sell a number of 8 × 8 Patria AMV armored vehicles to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Patria AMV has been used in Afghanistan, Chad and also participated in Saudi-led operations in Yemen.

In December 2017, Army Recognition released information on the use of the 8 × 8 Patria AMV armored vehicle by the UAE armed forces during the attack on the Houthis on the western coast of Yemen.