Ukraine Develops Swagerak 155 mm New Howitzer Cannon

Photo: AP – Ukraine is reported to have developed a 155-mm wheeled Swagerak Howitzer. The cannon was named Bogdana.

Reporting from Sputnik, Monday (08/20/2018), It was announced by Oleksandr Turchynov who served as Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council in Ukraine.

He also said that the cannon was being tested in the Zhytomyr field by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Bogdana swagerak artillery system uses a 6 × 6 KrAz truck chassis made by Ukrainian company AutoKrAz.

The vehicle cabin is made of welded steel armor that will provide protection from small arms fire. The crew of the vehicle goes in and out through two doors that are located on each side of the vehicle.

2S22 Bogdana has a combat weight of 28,000 kg, and is equipped with a supporting system for loading ammunition. Vehicles can carry 20 rounds of ammunition and charge.

The new artillery system is equipped with a modern fire control system consisting of ballistic computers and cannon system computers. The main fire control computer display screen is in the armored cabin of the vehicle, and there is also a cannon display on the back of the vehicle used by the crew when the howitzer is in a shooting position.

Bogdana artillery system has a minimum firing distance of 780 m and is able to reach targets up to 40 km (50 km with new type of ammunition being developed). The maximum rate of fire reaches 6 bullets per minute.