Russia Designs a Fifth Generation MiG-41 Jet Interceptor

MiG-41. Photo: Russia Today – United Aircraft Corporation, a Russian defense contractor reportedly is designing a fifth generation MiG-41 interceptor jet.

Reporting from TASS, Saturday (08/18/2018), This was conveyed by the CEO of United Aircraft Corporation, Ilya Tarasenko to the media on Friday.

He also said that this project was actually an old project and now the company is working intensively to make it happen.

“No, this is not a mythical project, this is an old project for MiG and now we are doing intensive work under the auspices (United Aircraft Corporation) and will soon present it to the public,” Tarasenko said.

The MiG-41, or Prospective Aviation Complex of Long-Range Interception, will be the successor to the notorious fourth-generation MiG-31 interceptor, which has expelled the SR-71 Blackbirds.

Previously, Tarasenko claimed that the MiG-41 would be able to operate in space. However, the claim is still doubtful. The MiG-41 was expected to be sent to the Russian military in the mid-2020s.

However, many Russian defense analysts doubt that the fighter jet was sent to the Russian military in 2020.

There is no more detailed information about the specifications of the fighter jet being worked on by United Aircraft Corporation.