Trial of F-35 Jet, British Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Towards US

The HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth, in August . REUTERS/Peter Nicholls – The largest British aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth is reported to have begun sailing towards the United States (US).

Reporting from Reuters on Saturday (08/18/2018), the aircraft carrier will later conduct flight testing and landing of F-35 fighter jets for the first time.

This was conveyed directly by Jerry Kyd who became Captain on the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The aircraft carrier had left Portsmouth on Saturday night for US territory. Later two F-35 stealth fighter jets will be flown on the ship’s deck.

For patriotic reasons, the first landing of a US fifth-generation fighter jet will be carried out by a British pilot. However, US Marine pilots will also do it.

About 500 flight tests are expected to be carried out for two months. There will be four pilots conducting the trial, namely a commander of the British Royal Navy, a squadron leader from the RAF (British Royal Air Force), a civilian pilot and a major from the US Marines.

Both F-35 fighter jets will be handed back to America before HMS Queen Elizabeth returns to England. London is a member of NATO participating in a joint F-35 program produced by Lockheed Martin contractor.