Russia Will Create Prototype of Surface Effect Craft Armed Missiles in 2027

Photo: Google – Russia is reported to be developing a prototype of Orlan’s wing-in-surface-efect craft in 2027.

Reporting from Russia Today, Wednesday (08/15/2018), this was conveyed directly by the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Yuri Borisov in his press statement.

The development of this prototype is intended in the future Russian weapons program plan.

“The state weapons program for 2018-2027 will also include the research and development of Orlan, which leads to the construction of wing-in-surface-effect craft. The prototype will be made as part of this weapons program and will be equipped with missiles, “he said.

Wing-in-surface-effect craft will be used to protect the North Sea Route where infrastructure is still poorly protected.

“This aircraft can float and monitor the area, as well as the internal sea, namely the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea,” he said. The new aircraft could also operate as a patrol vehicle to rescue crew, Borisov said.

Wing-in-surface-effect craft is a multimode “plane”, which in its basic regime makes flight using the surface effect on water or other surfaces without continuous contact with it. The aircraft can remain airborne because of the aerodynamic lift force produced on the wing, body or parts designed for the use of surface effects.

These aircraft usually do “flight” at a lower altitude than ordinary aircraft but move at a higher speed than the ship.