The Latest Israeli Merkava Tanks Will Be Equipped With Artificial Intelligence

Merkava Tanks. Photo: Anadolu – Israel is reported to have added artificial intelligence to their armored battle tanks, the latest Merkava.

Reporting from the official Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Statement, Monday (08/13/2018), all the latest Merkava tanks will be equipped with artificial intelligence.

AI technology or artificial intelligence will later replace human roles. So that the role of the military can construct on hand missions.

According to information, the Merkava Tank first operated in 1978. This tank claimed to be dual function with a distinctive dome that was installed well behind the chassis.

While Merkava Mk 4 is the latest variant which is scheduled to be ready for trial in 2020.

The main improvement is in the addition of sophisticated AI systems that can take over crew routine tasks.

According to the IDF, this tank takes 30% longer to carry out the mission due to increased logistics.

However, it also helps the crew to be faster and more accurate in aiming and attacking targets.

In addition, the computer can also share data with the crew and with other tanks around it. One of the other innovations is the VR View Iron helmet that allows people inside to see the environment outside the tank in a 360 degree view.