Russia Will Build Su-35 Su-35 Treatment Facility in Indonesia

Photo: AP – Russia is reported to be building maintenance and repair facilities for 11 Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft purchased by Indonesia in the country.

Reporting from Kompas, Tuesday (08/14/2018), this was conveyed by the Director General of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, Oke Nurwan in his statement.

“Indonesia and Russia are discussing through working groups, related to the commodity, the mechanism, it is being discussed and there is a working group to handle it. What we are still offering is value-added commodities, such as textiles, CPO, “he said.

The case of the difficulty of maintaining Russian-made aircraft experienced by India and Malaysia was taken into account by the government in the process of purchasing 11 Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft.

As a preventive measure, Russia is committed to building maintenance, repair and operating / MRO facilities in Indonesia.

The total value of the 11 Sukhoi is USD 1.14 billion. Of that number, 50 percent or USD 570 million in the form of commodities that will be purchased by Russia.

There is no more detailed information from the Russians about this news.