Iran Exhibits New Generation Ballistic Missiles

The new generation of Mobin missiles revealed by Iran ( – Iran is reported to have introduced a new generation short-range Ballistic missile this week. This is done by Iran when their relationship with the United States (US) continues to heat up.

Reporting from the AFP on Tuesday (08/14/2018), ballistic missiles are known to be named Mobin Fateh. The missile was also reported to have been successfully tested.

Iran that the new generation ballistic missiles can be used to attack land and sea targets.

Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami told the media that Iran would continue to improve its country’s missile capabilities continuously.

“As promised to our beloved people, we will not waste every effort to improve the country’s missile capabilities and we will certainly increase the strength of our missiles every day,” he said.

“Nobody can stop this missile because of its high flexibility,” he added.

This new generation missile is ‘100 percent domestically made’. “Nimble, quiet, tactical and purposeful,” Hatami said of this new generation Mobin missile.

“Ensured that the greater the pressure and psychological warfare against the great Iranian state, our determination to increase defense forces in all fields will increase,” said Hatami.

Even so, he did not specify the specifications of the strength of the short-range Ballistic Missiles made by his country.