Indonesia buys Russian Sukhoi Su-35 11 units

Su-35. Photo: AP – Indonesia is reported to have completed the discussion phase of the purchase of 11 units of Russia’s advanced Sukhoi Su-35 fighter aircraft. According to reports, the aircraft will arrive in Indonesia in October 2019.

Reporting from Kompas, Monday (08/13/2018), this was revealed directly by the Indonesian Minister of Defense, Rymizard Ryacudu in his press statement to local media.

He said that the process of discussing the purchase of sophisticated fighter aircraft had been completed and was just waiting for the shipment by the Russians.

“The discussion has been completed, it is G to G (Government to Government) which has not been paid,” Ryamizard said.

The purchase agreement of 11 Sukhoi Su-35 from Russia for 1.14 billion US dollars has been signed by the Governments of Indonesia and Russia.

“There is no problem, everything is complete, the contract has been signed. The purchase fee has not been,” said the former Army Chief of Staff.

Quoting from various sources, Indonesia is the second country after China to bring in a new generation of sophisticated Russian warplanes.

In the purchase of the aircraft, Indonesia and Russia used a buyback system. With the buyback scheme, Russia is required to buy commodities from Indonesia at 50 percent of the price of the Su-35 Sukhoi or US $ 570 million.

The products that Russia wants to buy from Indonesia are rubber, tea, coffee and palm oil.