1,427 killed by Maria Storm in Puerto Rico

Photo: AP

atynews.com – The Puerto Rican government says that from September to December 2017, there were at least 1,427 people killed in the storm Maria.

Reporting from Fox News, Friday (08/10/2018), this latest report was issued last June and the Kogres in that country still continues to ensure it.

The report also said that there were “additional deaths” due to the effects of the storm which caused damage to infrastructure in the country.

Governor Ricardo Rossello’s administration stopped renewing its official death toll a few months ago and ordered an inquiry amid reports that the amount was substantially less than expected.

Secretary of the Public Security Department Hector Pesquera said the total number of new deaths would reflect the findings of the investigation, which are expected to emerge in the coming weeks.

Regarding the number of victims of more than 1,400, Pesquera said it was a simple math based on the number of excess deaths.

“This is not the official number of deaths caused by Hurricane Maria,” he said.