Vladimir Putin Reportedly Presses Donald Trump on Weapons Supervision

End of Year Trump Plans to Invite Putin to Washington
US President Donald Trump shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo : Reuters

atynews.com – President of Russia, Vladimir Putih is rumored to have pressured the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump about weapons surveillance talks.

Reporting from The Hill from Politico, Thursday (08/09/2018) Politico who reported this was derived from leaked Russian documents obtained. The document lists the negotiating topics brought by Putin to a private meeting with Trump.

That was done by Putin during his second personal meeting for two hours in Helsinki last month.

The proposals include cooperation on nuclear weapons and weapons restrictions, two topics that Russia and the US have frequently discussed during diplomatic interaction.

“This, ‘We want to get out of the dog house and get involved with the US in a variety of security issues,'” said an anonymous.

Documents obtained by Politico reportedly did not mention cooperation between the two countries in Syria, a topic that Putin introduced during the press conference as a starting point for bilateral agreements.

Although the White House refused to comment on documents obtained by Politico, spokesman for the Garrett Marquis National Security Council said Trump and Putin did not exchange written proposals.