Russian warships in the English Channel were driven out

    Warship HMS Diamond United Kingdom monitors two Russian warships in the English Channel on Tuesday (07/08/2018). Photo / Ministry of British Defense / PA – Russian warships reported to have crossed the English Channel all this year have finally been “expelled” by British warships.

    Reporting from Reuters on Thursday (08/09/2018), this was conveyed by the Commander of the HMS Diamond Ship, Ben Keith in his statement to reporters.

    The British Royal Navy said the warship HMS Diamond was sent from Dover when the Moscow warship Severomorsk and Marshal Ustinov passed on Tuesday. The escort continued until the two Moscow ships actually left British waters.

    “This is a routine activity for the Royal Navy and the second time my country’s ship has performed such escort duties this summer,” Keith said.

    According to reports, in January the British HMS Westminster frigate was sent to monitor four Russian ships as they passed British waters. Four Moscow-Soobrazitelny, Boiky, Paradox and Kola ships were believed to be returning from operations in the Middle East.

    Russian media said that warships Severomorsk and Marshal Ustinov had just completed routine exercises in the Baltic Sea participating in the Baltic Fleet, Northern Fleet and Black Sea Fleet, before finally participating in the Russian Navy Day parade on July 29.

    Both ships were reported to have left British waters without dangerous incidents.