US Air Attack Kills Afghan Forces

Wrong Target, US Air Attack Kills Afghan Forces
US airstrikes killed Afghan soldiers in Azra. Photo : Illustration – An airstrike from the United States (US) was reportedly wrongly targeted and killed at least nine Afghan security forces were killed.

Reporting from Sputnik, Thursday (08/08/2018), According to information, the attack was actually aimed at Taliban forces in Azra district, Logar province.

Meanwhile, according to AFP, in addition to the dead, the attack also wounded at least 14 soldiers. The attack came after Afghan forces engaged in hours of fighting with the Taliban overnight.

It was also confirmed by Per Nasrat Rahimi who also served as spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry.

He said the incident occurred after Afghan forces asked US officials to provide assistance. However, somehow the communication was mixed, and US forces targeted the wrong location.

“(Afghan officials) are calling for air support, but unfortunately foreign troops have mistakenly bombed their positions,” Rahimi said.

Stars and Stripes reported US officials had confirmed that the air strike had occurred, but had not said whether the operation had killed Afghan troops.

“At this time, I can confirm that US-Afghan forces carried out attacks to support Afghan operations and defend Afghan forces in Azra district, Logar province, earlier this morning,” said Lieutenant Colonel Martin O’Donnell, spokesman for the US military in Afghanistan.