North Korea Continues to Demolish Sohae Missile Launcher Site

Photo: AP – North Korea (North Korea) is reported to have begun continuing the dismantling of its main missile launching facility. Rare is also considered to be a real step for North Korea to its promise to the United States (US).

Reporting from the Washington Times on Wednesday (08/08/2018), this was first reported by North Korea’s nuclear monitoring group, 38 North on its website.

The site reported that commercial satellite imagery taken on August 3 showed more facilities and infrastructure were modified or dismantled from the Sohae satellite launch station.

Intelligence analysis said the site had served as an important testing site for long-range ballistic missiles developed by North Korea.

“In vertical engine tests, used for testing and developing engines for ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles, North Korea continues to demolish the basic steel structure and appears to remove fuel and oxidizing tanks from dismantled bunkers,” wrote North38 analyst Joseph S. Bermudez Jr.

According to 38North’s satellite imagery, on the launch pad itself, the walls surrounding the transfer structure mounted on the rail used to support the rocket launch had been partially dismantled, with their components nearby, satellite images showing.

This group is known to closely observe military and political developments in North Korea. This site is the first to report the preliminary demolition work last month to destroy parts of the Sohae site.

There has been no official response from the two countries. Both North Korea and the United States (US).