James Mattis Supports the Establishment of the Space Combat Command

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US Defense Secretary James Mattis. Photo : Reuters

atynews.com – Ministry of Defense of the United States (US), Through its Minister James Mattis fully supports the plan to establish the sixth branch of the US Military, namely the Armed Forces of the Space.

Reporting from Anadolu, Wednesday (08/08/2018), Mattis told reporters when he was at the Pentagon today.

He said that space is a future battle and for this reason he supports this plan.

“We need to call space as a domain of war fighting that is developing, and combat command, of course, is one thing we can build,” Mattis said.

“This is the process we are doing,” he added when asked by the journalist.

In June, President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to immediately work to create a sixth branch of military service that would ensure American dominance in space.

Mattis said the Pentagon and the White House were in “complete agreement” about the formation of space powers.

“We are working through all this. We fully agree. Vice President (Mike Pence) is the right person for the president in this matter. We work together every day with his office and with supporters on Capitol Hill and relevant committees,” he said.