There is an error, Delayed British Order Nuclear Missiles Sent

The nuclear-powered submarine HMS Astute belongs to the British Royal Navy when it was launched at Devonshire Dock Hall in Barrow-in-Furness, June 8, 2017. Photo / REUTERS / Kieran Doherty – British-ordered Nuclear missiles designed and manufactured by the United States (US) are reported to be delayed shipping to the UK.

Reporting from the Times on Wednesday (08/08/2018), this has also been confirmed by Bill Couch, spokesman for the US Navy Marine System Command (NAVSEA).

According to the report, there were incorrect welding findings in ballistic missile tubes designed and manufactured in the United States (US).

The report also said that none of the missile tubes sent by US contractor BWX Technologies had been installed into the submarine being built.

This shows that disability can inhibit the replacement of four Vanguard class ballistic missile submarines belonging to the British Royal Navy. The four submarines will be replaced by new Dreadnought class submarines.

According to searches, the new ships began operating in the 2030s.

Couch said that the welding operation by the company had been delayed until a full investigation could be completed. “The Navy (US) is working with the UK to evaluate the impact on Dreadnought,” he said.

The British arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, is building four submarines, but the program relies on seamless integration between technology and components from the US, whose main contractor is General Dynamics.

British-US cooperation in the sensitive area of ​​nuclear weapons refers to the 1962 Nassau Agreement, an agreement that paved the way for the launch of the British Polaris program.

“We are aware that the welding quality problem in the undersea missile tube produced by US company BWX Technologies is being investigated, but our Dreadnought program remains on schedule and within budget to deliver the first ship in the early 2030s,” the UK Defense Ministry said through a spokesman.