NATO Fighter Jets Accidentally Shoot Missiles Near Russia

Photo: Sputnik – Typhoon NATO fighter jet reportedly accidentally fired missiles near the Russian border. The incident is still in Estonian airspace.

Reporting from local media on Wednesday (08/08/2018), the aircraft was known to be the Typhoon 2000 fighter aircraft which belonged to NATO members.

The incident occurred near the city of Otepaa in southern Estonia, at 15.44 local time, Tuesday (07/08/2018).

The Estonian Defense Forces (EDF) said the AMRAAM missile launch was inadvertent and deviated from the proper route. The weapon is claimed to have a self-destructive mode which causes it to explode in the air in the event of an accidental launch.

However, EDF said, a 3.7 meter (12.1 ft) long missile was thought to have fallen to the ground. It’s just that the fate of the weapon is unknown.

The missile from the Spanish fighter jet allegedly landed 40km (25 miles) north of Tartu, about 50km (31 miles) from the city of Chudskaya Rudnitsato, Russia’s border city.

There have been no reports of injuries or damage related to this incident. NATO has not commented yet.

Search missions involving helicopters have been launched by EDF. EDF, as quoted by Estonian World, Wednesday (08/08/2018), also launched an investigation related to the accident.

Typhoon Spanish fighter jets regularly patrol airspace in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia as part of the Baltic air mission by NATO.

The Russian defense ministry in Moscow has not commented on unintentional missile launches by NATO fighter jets in Estonia.