Chinese Hypersonic Aircraft Claimed To Be Penetrating Any Defense System

Photo: China Morning Post. – An Australian arms expert said that China’s newly tested hypersonic aircraft had the potential to outwit any missile defense system in any country.

Reporting from the China Morning Post, Wednesday (08/08/2018), the experimental Starry Sky-2 – known as Waverider – made its first test flight last Friday at an undisclosed location in northwest China.

This sophisticated aircraft is also claimed to be able to travel up to six kai speed when carrying weapons.

A Chinese defense expert in Australia, Adam Ni said Waverider presents a strong addition to the Chinese military.

“The successful testing and development of Starry Sky 2 Waverider hypersonic vehicle is a major step forward for China’s hypersonic weapons program,” he said.

“Hypersonic missiles will be a strong addition to missile missiles that are already diversified in the PLA (People’s Liberation Army),” he added.

“The important thing is that it will allow the PLA to defeat the missile defense system in other countries, including the US,” he said.

Able to withstand the shock waves created by its path, the plane was taken into space by multistage rockets before breaking away, said the Aerospace Aerodynamics Academy of China.

Other claims were also added by state officials who said that if the plane was able to make extreme turns and drove at a top speed of Mach 6, or 7,344km / hour, and praised the test flight was a huge success.

Although it is an experimental aircraft, Waverider has the potential to carry warheads capable of defeating existing anti-missile shields.

The current defense system can only intercept incoming missiles at low speed and their trajectories can be easily predicted.