How Benjamin Netanyahu’s Corruption Case May Have Impact on His Tenure as a PM

How Benjamin Netanyahu’s Corruption Case May Have Impact on His Tenure as a PM

Investigations into Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption allegations are still ongoing. There is a chance the Israeli Prime Minister might be forced out of the office now that a former director of Israel’s Communication Ministry is willing to testify against the Prime Minister. The Likud Party has shown signs of ceasing support for Netanyahu in light of his corruption case and this could only mean one thing: the evidence is overwhelmingly leaning toward Netanyahu being expelled out of the office. Obviously, there are more things need to happen in order that indictment can be set in motion.

However, so far the Likud Party has yet to make an official statement regarding Netanyahu or about whether or not they would abandon him for being a liability. The decision for this does not take place at the same timeline as the legal process. Still, while the political base is still in favor of him, but today everything has come under intense scrutiny and tests, which could be too much for everyone to bear. In other words, it is only a matter of time before Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption case becomes the reason for his dethronement.

And then there is a matter of reelection once the Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption scandal blows out. One thing for sure is that it will take some time for the Prime Minister to be able to come out of this unscathed. There are so many variables that factor into this matter: Will he go to early elections? Will he step down, which could be unlikely? Will he lose support from the party?

Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption is a case that the subject has denied time and again. On many occasions, Netanyahu has stated that this allegation is some sort of conspiracy crafted to design his fall. He also states that no matter what he would be up for the new election and win this round again. At the same time, the Prime Minister says that he has the supports from Israeli people thus making him able to challenge the legal system so they challenge him back. This is the kind of narrative that is currently prevalent in Israel’s political climate. Netanyahu will obviously retain public support if somehow he manages to get along the process and declared not guilty. However, the more appropriate question at this point would be whether or not he is capable of retaining support throughout the entire investigations.