Fire in Greece that Kills 83 People

Photo: Reuters – Greek Citizen Protection Minister, NikosToskas. Saying there were “serious indications” that a fire that killed at least 83 people near Athens earlier this week stems from a deliberate action.

Reported by Reuters on Saturday (28/07/2018), This was conveyed by Toskas in a statement to the local media.

It was reported that the Fire continued to spread on Monday (23/7) and spread to a number of popular tourist villages among tourists.

In addition to causing 83 people dead, 60 others are still hospitalized and 11 of them are in intensive care. As for dozens of others have not been found.

Most of the victims trapped on the cliffs as the blaze is spreading because the wind speed reaches 120 kilometers / hour.

Some survivors were rescued at sea, but dozens of people were unable to reach the waters.

Toskas said the fire that spread near Athens a few hours earlier was initially intentional.

Adding to the situation, “weather conditions” in the affected areas are classified as “extreme by climate change.”

He also said that the cause of this fire is still being investigated by the authorities.