Australia Will be Asked For Help if US Attack Iran

Trump Threatens Turkey with Big Sanctions if Not Exempt US Pastor
American President Donald Trump at that time sewed great sanctions on Turkey if the US priest did not release Andrew Brunson. Photo : Reuters – A senior official in the government of Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull said that the United States (US) will ask for Australian aid if attacked Iran.

Quoted from ABC, Saturday (28/07/2018), Statement Senior Australian official was emerging as tensions between the US and Iran continued to peak.

As reported earlier, the official also said that the United States was preparing to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The possibility of an attack can be done as soon as next month, and Australia will likely be asked for help to determine the target to be bombed.

The ABC obtained information that the undisclosed Australian defense facility will play a decisive role in Iran’s target.

Another party involved is the British intelligence service.

But the senior security source emphasized the big difference between providing accurate intelligence and analysis of Iranian facilities with involvement in the assault process.

This controversial statement has also been denied by US Defense Secretary James Mattis in a statement saying that the news is “fictional”.