US Army Corps Returned from North Korea

A US soldier carrying a crate containing a skeleton of US soldiers killed in the Korean War (REUTERS / Kim Hong-Ji / Pool) – North Korea has returned the bodies of US soldiers killed in the Korean War on Friday.

Reported from AFP, Saturday (27/08/2018), the bodies were reported to have been carried by US military aircraft from North Korea.

The US military plane arrived in South Korea on Friday (27/7) local time, just as the 65 year anniversary of the truce that ended the 1950-1953 Korean War.

This repetition is also a testament to the seriousness of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to fulfill his agreement with President Trump some time ago in Singapore.

The US C-17’s cargo aircraft originally flew from South Korea on Friday (27/7) at dawn local time to retrieve the bodies of US troops in the North. Hours later, the US cargo plane flew out of Wonsan City, North Korea to return to South Korea.

There are 55 boxes believed to contain the skeletons of US soldiers killed in the Korean War, which the US military aircraft carried from North Korea.

More than 35,000 US troops were killed during the war on the Korean peninsula that lasted from 1950-1953.

Of that amount, according to Pentagon data, about 7,700 US troops are declared missing, including about 5,300 soldiers believed to have died in the North.