The Minister of Paraguay and His Deputy Were Killed in a Plane Crash

Paraguayan soldiers carrying bags of corpses containing the bodies of the victims (REUTERS / Jorge Adorno – A plane crash in Paraguay is reported to have killed Paraguay’s Agriculture Minister, Luis Gneiting, and his deputy.

Reported from AFP, Saturday (28/07/2018), the accident was reported near the Argentine border. Said the survivors’ squads.

At least four people were killed in the accident after taking off from the southern Paraguayan fishing town of Ayolas on Wednesday (25/7) afternoon local time.

The location of the crash was at a point just 8 kilometers from the airport where the plane took off.

“No survivors,” Roque Gonzalez, one of the local SAR team members told AFP.

The local authorities announced the identity of four dead in a statement on Thursday (26/7) local time.

They are the Minister of Agriculture Luis Gneiting, Deputy Minister of Livestock Affairs Vicente Ramirez, a civil servant named Luis Charotti and the pilot named Gerardo Lopez.

The plane crash occurred as Gneiting was about to return to the capital of Asuncion, 300 kilometers from Ayolas, after visiting his sickly mother. Gneiting’s mother finally died on Thursday (26/7) local time, several hours after his son died in an accident.

The cause of the plane crash is not known for sure. The Paraguayan Authority is still investigating.