James Mattis Denies US Attack on Iran

US - There is no military cooperation with Russia in Syria
US Defense Secretary James Mattis. Photo : Reuters

atynews.com – US Defense Secretary James Mattis has denied reports that the United States will attack Iran. He said the news was “fiction”.

Reported by Press TV, Saturday (28/07/2018), It was delivered by James Mattis in a press statement after various news media published the news.

One of the Australian media, ABC News carried an article indicating that US military action against Iran will take place next month.

According to the report, Australian officials claim that the US is trying to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

But Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull denied reports quoting unnamed officials. “It’s just speculation, it quotes anonymous sources,” Turnbull said.

Mattis said that he did not know where the media got the information he claimed was fiction.

“I do not know where the Australian press people got the information,” Mattis said.

“I’m sure it’s not something that is being considered right now, and I think it’s really – really – it’s fiction,” Mattis added.