Iranian General Threatens Trump: If Attacked, Iran Will Destroy US

    Photo: Illustration – One of Iran’s Special Forces Commanders has given warning to US President Donald Trump.

    He said that if US attacks, then Iran will “Destroy all that is owned by that country”.

    Quoted from the BBC, Saturday (28/07/2018), it was delivered by Major General Qassem Soleimani quoted Iranian news agency, Tasnim.

    This is the result of President Trump’s Twitter statement that warns the Iranian president to “never, forever” threaten the United States.

    There has been heightened tensions since the US withdrew from the 2015 Iran deal.

    Major General Soleimani – who heads the Quds Force of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards – was quoted on Thursday as saying, “As a soldier, it is my duty to answer your threats.

    “Talk to me, not to the president [Hassan Rouhani] .It’s not honorable for our president to answer.

    “We’re near you, where you can not imagine it.Let’s come in. We’re ready.

    “If you start a war, we will end the war You know this war will destroy all your possessions.” he said.