North Korea Appoints Younger Officer to Become New Military Chief of Staff

Photo: AP – North Korea (North Korea) is reported to have elected and appointed a new Chief of Staff officer with the younger.

Reported by Reuters on Saturday (28/07/2018), Ri Yong-Gil was appointed as the new Chief of Military Staff as part of the North Korean leadership reshuffle under Kim Jong-Un.

This is in line with North Korea’s young leader Kim Jong-un’s goal to focus on economics and diplomacy with the United States and replace some of his senior officials.

Ri Yong-Gil has accompanied Kim Jong-Un during a visit to the war veterans’ cemetery on Friday (27/7).

This July 27 marked 65 years of ceasefire between North Korea and South Korea that ended the 1950-1953 Korean War.

According to North Korean media reports, the KNCA said Ri Yong-Gil had previously held a four-star position in the North Korean military before being demoted to Deputy Chief with three stars for reasons not mentioned in 2016.

In addition to Ri Yong-Gil, other appointed officials were No Kwang-Chol who was the First Deputy Defense Minister of North Korea to become Minister of Defense and Military Generation Kim Su-Gil became Director of the Political Bureau on the North Korean military.