US Denies Russian Proposal on Palestinian peace

Photo: Reuters – The United States via US Permanent Representative has rejected a draft resolution on Palestinian peace proposed by the Permanent Representative of Russia on the UN Security Council (DK).

Reported by Sputnik, Thursday (26/07/2018), This was conveyed by the US Permanent Representative in a press statement.

The draft documents proposed by Russia are intended to reaffirm the lack of alternatives to internationally recognized solutions to help resolve the Israeli and Palestinian crises.

“Regardless of the support of the UN Security Council majority, the compromise on the project becomes a bit unreasonable, because the US is removing the legal base of reference from the peace plan,” said the Permanent Representative of Russia at the United Nations.

“The initiative was conveyed in response to an annual request from the UN Secretary-General on Palestine, Russia will continue to advocate lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East,” he continued.

Prior to this rejection, US officials have also firmly rejected the Russian peace profosal for Palestine and Israel.

In addition to this, the UN in a resolution some time ago also strongly condemns the excessive use of Israeli forces in Palestine.