Donald Trump Delays Meeting with Putin Until 2019

    Donald Trump. & Vladimir Putin. Photo: Reuters – Meeting between President of the United States (US) and Russian President Vladimir Putin will reportedly be postponed until 2019.

    Reported from Xinhua, Thursday (26/07/2018), This news is directly confirmed by the White House when it meliris peratakananya.

    The delay is due to an ongoing investigation into Moscow’s intervention in the 2016 US election.

    National Security Advisor John Bolton said that Trump believes his meeting with Putin should be done after the case is over.

    “The president believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should be done after Russia’s ‘witch hunt’ ends, so we agree that it will be done after the first year,” he said.

    Trump used the term “witch hunt” against the investigation of Russian involvement in the US presidential election that he won.

    The White House said last week Trump had asked Bolton to invite Russian presidents to Washington in the fall, and a relative discussion “is already under way.”

    There has been no comment from Russia about the postponement of these two heads of state meetings.