US General Asks For Futuristic Fighter Jet UK Compatible with F-35

General Tod Wolters, commander of US Air Force and NATO forces in Europe. Photos / REUTERS – US Air Force and NATO forces in Europe have requested that British futuristic jet fighters be compatible with Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighter jets.

Reported by Reuters on Thursday (26/7/2018), it was delivered by General Tod Wolters in a statement to reporters via teleconference.

He said it was important that both jet fighters be compatible because Britain is an ally of NATO membership in Europe.

He also told reporters via teleconference that he had witnessed the launch of a new British fighter development program.

The fighter jet program, named “Tempest” was launched last week at the Farnborough Airshow outside London.

Wolters said officials from both countries had discussed the aircraft’s combat capability in the past. They agreed on the need for a new system that could work with existing weapons.

“One of the main ingredients that must enter the futuristic system is to ensure that it can be operated with existing systems and of course the British system holds,” he said, referring to the UK-owned F-35 fighter jet.

“When the British decide to go ahead with a system that can be called Tempest, we hope that it will be interoperable as possible with the great system they just acquired, the F-35B,” he said.