Russia Thanking Israel for Attacking ISIS Headquarters in Syria

    His fighter jet is accused of attacking Syria, Israel silent
    Smoke poured in the city of Masyaf, Hama, Syria, due to attacks of alleged jet fighters from Israel, Sunday (7/22/2018). Photo : Twitter – Russia has reportedly thanked the leaders of the Israeli army (IDF) for successfully attacking ISIS headquarters in Syria.

    Reported by Sputnik on Thursday (26/7/2018), it was delivered by the Ministry of Defense of Israel in a statement.

    The ministry said that the Russian Ministry of Defense through a communication channel thanked the IDF for killing ISIS terrorists.

    The Israeli Defense Ministry also thanked the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for the attack.

    “The command of the Russian armed forces in Syria uses the existing communication channel to thank the IDF leaders for killing the terrorists and stopping the massive provocations,” the ministry said.

    The Russian military said the ISIS terror group on Wednesday night tried to get Israel to attack the Syrian army by launching a rocket into the Zionist state.

    “The precision attacks by IDF jets and artillery operatively destroy Daesh terrorists and their rocket launchers,” the Russian ministry said.