North Korea to Hand over US Troops Tomorrow

Photo: Google – North Korea (North Korea) reportedly will hand over the bodies of US soldiers (US) who died in the Korean War tomorrow.

Reported by Reuters on Thursday (26/7/2018), this report was first published by South Korean media, Yonhap who said that the North has received a coffin.

The surrender is planned to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the 1953 ceasefire agreement that ended the three-year battle.

“A US-owned freighter is set to fly to the airfield in Wonsan city, northeast of North Korea, to receive his body,” Yonhap reported.

Later all the bodies will be brought to Hawaii after initial DNA analysis at Osan air base in South Korea.

A US official said that his country expects to receive 55 sets of preliminary stays and plans to send officials to North Korea to open and photograph each coffin as part of a cursory review submitted by North Korea.

As is known, the repatriation of the bodies of US troops is one point of agreement between Donald Trump and also Kim Jong-un.