Malaysia Bans Military Forces Use “Tik Tok” App

Photo: AP – Malaysia is reported to have issued new rules for its military forces not to use the Tik Tok application.

Launched from The Star, Tuesday (24/7/2018), This new rule issued by the Ministry of Defense Malaysia in a statement.

The Cyber ​​Defense Operations Center (CDOC) in the military intelligence department is aware of many of their members using the Tik Tok Application.

The statement uploaded on the official Facebook page of the ministry said that the practice affected the image of Malaysia’s armed forces.

The ministry reminded members that under the Malaysian Army Military Forces Order Bil3 / 2013: Media Social Media Assistance, they are obliged to follow the rules set when uploading on social media accounts.

The Regulation states that members must ensure that an upload does not negatively impact the image of the armed forces; not intentionally or unintentionally embarrassing a particular individual or group; and the post did not reveal one as a member of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

The statement ended with a strong message to the members: “You are not an artist and cheap publicity material. Stop self-embarrassing and ATM (Malaysian Armed Forces) “.