The F-22 Raptor is Worried Not Ready for War

F-22 Raptor. Photo: – One of the advanced fighter jets owned by the United States (US), F-22 Raptor feared not ready in the field of battle if needed.

Reporting from the GAO (Government Accountability Office), Tuesday (7/24/2018), This is because GOA has been loudly warned TSM-The Drive to consider the deployment of the fighter jet.

According to the GOA Report, the US Air Force is currently wasting the flying fighter’s time for a patrol mission that basically does not require the stealth.

What else is known about this plane has a low readiness problem and its pilots have no time to practice the ability of a mission of superiority.

Given the F-22 Type fighter is very little and only exist in six squadrons. The same report says only 50 percent of F-22s could be aired if needed.

Because of frequent patrols, the radar-absorbent coat of paint paint on the F-22 is often peeled off by exposure to heat, reducing its ability to disappear from the radar.

In addition, the F-22 spare parts problem is also one of the problems. What else F-22 is actually no longer produced.