P-8A Patrol Aircraft Poseidon Australia Successfully Fires Harpoon Missiles

Photo: ABC

atynews.com – Australia reportedly successfully fired an ATM-84J Harpoon missile from a maritine patrol aircraft, Boeing P-84 Poseidon.

Reporting from ABC, Tuesday (07/24/2018), the Australian Undara Force (RAAF) utilizes a joint naval training commentary, RIMPAC in Hawaii, United States (US).

Sasaranya is an old warship owned by AmS, USS Racine. The P-8A aircraft fired Harpoon in the Sinking Exercise (SINKEX) session.

In the trial, USS Racine (LST 1191) was bombarded using a variety of missiles from three platforms. Both from land, air and sea.

Namely, US and Japanese land-based anti-missile missiles, Harpoon missiles from the RAAF P-8A, and Torpedo Mk.84 missiles from the USS Olympia submarine (SSN 717). At 102 km from Kauai Island, Hawaii, USS Racine finally sank to the bottom of the ocean with a depth of 4,600 meters.

A number of officials in Australia, one of whom was Australian Defense Minister, Marise Payne also praised the success of the training.

He added, all male and female soldiers from RAAF Wing 92 should be proud of this success as proof of an important ability.