100 Disappeared, Some Killed from Broken Dam in Laos

Photo: AP

atynews.com – 100 people are reported to have disappeared and several people have been killed in a dam incident in Laos.

Quoted from Reuters on Tuesday (7/24/2018), Water from the dam has overflowed after the dam collapsed and washed away a number of residential houses around the site.

This damaged dam is located in the Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower plant in the San Sai district of Atapeu province, southeastern Laos.

According to local media reports, the dam was broken on Monday (23/7) night at around 20:00 local time.

About 5 billion cubic meters of water, equivalent to more than 2 million Olympic-size swimming pools, spilled as the dam collapsed.

“There were several people killed and several hundred missing,” the Laos News Agency said in a report, as reported by Channel News Asia.

There have been no information from local officials about the missing victims and the victims killed in this incident. But the search process is still being done.