Russia Drone Trial Resembles CIA’s RQ-170

Photo: – Russia reportedly tested its newest drone aircraft. This aircraft is similar to the CIA’s RQ-170 Sentinel drone.

Reporting from Popular Mechanics, Tuesday (07/24/2018), the alleged image of the Okhotnik unmanned aircraft has been spread in various Russian aviation forums.

Not yet known exactly what the ability of this drone aircraft. There has been no official release of authorized officials about its features.

“Okhotnik will be the prototype of the sixth generation fighter jet,” said a Russian defense industry official.

Single-engine Okhotnik drones have a maximum speed of 621 mph. According to the Popular Mechanics report, the drone will make its maiden flight in 2018. Okhotnik literally means hunter.

“Russia can use (Okhotnik) as a platform to develop ‘autonomous’ technology,” said Michael Kaufman, a research scientist at the US Center for Naval Analyzes (CNA).

According to the report, After being analyzed by several aviation experts, the aircraft was very similar to the CIA’s RQ-170 Drone, the United States (US).