Two Ukrainian Citizens Sentenced to 180 Years in Prison

Photo: Bomber – Two Ukrainian citizens charged with smuggling refugees are reportedly charged with imprisonment for 180 years.

Quoted from Sputnik, Tuesday (24/07/2018), both known named Serhiy Shvayuk and Petro Lytvynchuk. They were arrested on a cruise ship carrying 63 migrants.

Both were sentenced to jail in Court in Piraeus, Greece.

Violations include illegally crossing into EU borders, endangering the lives of passengers (because the ship is too full), lacking emergency equipment and no license to command the vessel.

Zacharias Kesses, a lawyer who accused both of them said that the suspect faced 630 years in prison.

“Initially they faced 630 years in prison,” he said.

“During the reading of the verdict, between 10 and 15 years can be added (into their punishment) for every illegal migrant,” he added.

The defendants’ second family claimed that they had been deceived in Turkey. Mrs. Lytvynchuk told the media that they were traveling to work as a captain friend on a tour ship. But both are forced to transport migrants under threat of violence.