Russia and China Will Fight US Defense System in Asia

Russia-China Ready to Against US Defense System in Asia
South Korea installed the US THAAD missile defense system to deal with North Korean missile threats. Photo : Reuters – Russia and China are reported to be working together in anticipation of counterattacks against the deployment of US missile defense systems in Asia.

Quoted from Sputnik, Tuesday (07/24/2018), The report details the US missile defense system in Japan and South Korea (ROK).

Andrei Denisov, Russia’s ambassador to China in the statement said the move could pose a threat to Russia and its regional ally China.

“Those who have such facilities in their territory, who are our Chinese partners and we think are a threat to our security, basically put their security in jeopardy, because we have to take counter measures,” Denisov said.

As is known, in mid-2016, South Korea announced that it was supporting the deployment of the THAAD defense system, the US missile defense program.

This decision arose during the threat of nuclear attack from North Korea (North Korea). The same is done by Japan.

There have been no statements from the US, Japan and South Korea from this statement.