Suicide Bomb Boko Haram at Nigerian Mosque, 8 People Killed

Photo: AP – Eight people were reported killed in a suicide bombing at a mosque in Nigeria.

Reporting from the AFP, Tuesday (24/7/2018), According to local police officials, they believe that the suicide bombers are Boko Haram militants.

The bombing took place in Konduga, Mainari region in Borno state.

“The bomber walked into the mosque at around 5:15 am (local time) when the service took place and then exploded, killing eight worshipers and wounding five others,” said Ibrahim Liman from civilian militia forces helping the Nigerian military in the fight against militants Boko Haram.

According to him, the suicide bombers are still in their 20s. He also said that one of the dead killed on his way to Maiduguri.

“Seven people died inside the mosque, while another died on the way to Maiduguri (the capital of Borno state),” he said.

There has been no further information about this suicide bomb incident from local officials and police.