Investigated into Bribery Case, Member of South Korean Suicide Parliament

Roh Hoe-Chan. Photo: AP – One of the senior lawmakers in South Korea (South Korea) reportedly killed himself. This incident coincided with an investigation of him with a bribery scandal.

Quoted from AFP on Tuesday (07/23/2018), the MP was known as Roh Hoe-Chan who according to information had been three periods of being a member of parliament in the country.

The same report says that it is being investigated over alleged bribes of 50 million Won (Rp 643 million).

The bribe was allegedly received from an influential political blogger who has links with many South Korean top politicians.

Blogger is widely known by the nickname ‘Druking’. Currently, Druking is being tried by South Korean authorities on charges of using an illegal hacking program to influence public opinion on Naver, South Korea’s largest online portal.

South Korean police say Roh was found dead at the gate of the apartment he lived in. Allegedly he committed suicide by jumping from a height.

There has been no further information from the police or any local officials with the alleged death of the Spirit due to the suicide.