North Korea Starts Unloading Rocket Launch Site

    North Korea has used Sohae to launch a number of rockets, as happened in this photo. (Reuters) – North Korea (North Korea) reportedly began to dismantle some of their rocket launch sites. These locations are considered by the US as a test site for their ballistic missiles.

    Reporting from Reuters on Tuesday (24/7/2018), the photos were first published by the North Korean monitoring group, 38 North.

    They show off the demolition of Sohae’s launch site. This indicates Pyongyang fulfilled a promise to the US last June.

    At a meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un last June the two leaders signed an agreement to “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”.

    It does not explain how Pyongyang will get rid of its nuclear weapons.

    Trump also said Kim had vowed to destroy the engine test site, but did not specify the location.

    This lack of details also made the meeting of the two leaders in Singapore bring a wave of criticism.

    However, on Monday (7/23), Trump claimed he was “very happy” with progress in relations with North Korea. According to him, Pyongyang had never launched a missile or held a nuclear test for the past nine months.