Iranian Government Angry Called “Mafia” By Mike Pompeo

Called the Mafia Government by Pompeo, Iran wrathful
The Iranian government has strongly criticized the statement of US Secretary of State Michael Mike Pompeo who likens the Iranian government to the mafia. Photo : Reuters – The Iranian government voiced the statement of the US Secretary of State (US), Mike Pompeo, who said that high-ranking Iranian officials were the same as “Mafia”.

Reporting from Reuters on Monday (07/23/2018), This was conveyed by Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi in a press statement.

He said the Pompeo Speech was a clear intervention in Iran’s internal and foreign affairs.

“Pompeo’s speech on Sunday is a clear intervention in the problems of the Iranian state. Such a policy will unite Iranians who will overcome any attack on their country,” he said.

Reported earlier, Pompeo promises support to Iranians who do not like the regime of the country’s rulers. “Iran is run by something resembling a mafia, more than just a government,” Pompeo said, citing what he called corrupt Iranian leaders.

Pompeo’s strong statement came after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for the US President.

Donald Trump to stop playing with fire amid Washington’s call for the international community to join sanctions against Iran.