Israel’s Anti-Missile Sling System Faces 2 Syrian Rockets

David's Sling. Photo: AFP – Israel’s anti-missile system, David’s Sling reportedly managed to block two rockets fired from the Syrian region today.

Reporting from the Times of Israel, Monday (07/23/2018), Israel’s air defense system was reported to have successfully blocked it.

The military report said that the two rockets flew towards the Israeli Territory.

“The alarm heard in northern Israel is the result of a launch (rocket) carried out as part of an internal battle in Syria,” the Israeli military statement said.

“As a result, two interceptors of David’s Sling were fired against both rockets, as there were fears they could attack Israeli territory, Syrian rockets landed inside Syria, no damage, no injuries.

Sirens were first heard in the northern city of Safed and in the region of Galilee at 10:05 am. Three minutes later, additional alarms were heard in the community in the Golan Heights, including the city of Katzrin.

Sirens flashed back all over Galilee and Golan areas at about 10:20 am, military officials said.

In addition to hearing the explosion, northern Israelis also admitted to seeing traces left by Israeli anti-aircraft missiles.

Israel’s anti-missile system has been officially entered the military since last year. But today is really used as its function.