Toronto Mass Shooting Victims To 14 People, 1 Killed

Photo: Reuters – The death toll of an armed man in Toronto, Canada is reported to be 14. One of them was killed.

Reported by Reuters on Monday (7/23/2018), According to police, perpetrators were also reportedly killed after a shootout with the police.

According to the police in charge of the case, it is too early to conclude whether this mass shooting is linked to terrorism or not.

The mass shootings began at around 10pm on Sunday local time.

Initially, police said there were nine people shot. However, several hours later, the victim increased.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said that in addition to the shooter, a young woman was reportedly also died.

“In addition to shooters, we have a young woman who has died,” he said.

The condition of 13 other shooting casualties has not been revealed by the police. However, one of them, a nine-year-old girl is known to be in critical condition. Dozens of shooting victims are currently being treated in hospital.