Armed Man Shoots 9 People in Toronto

Photo: Reuters – A gunman is reported to have shot nine people in the city of Toronto, Canada on Sunday local time.

Reporting from, Monday (23/07/2018), Shooting occurred in the area Greektown, at around 22:00 pm local time.

According to some witnesses at the scene, they had heard 25 shots and saw many people killed by gunfire.

The man was reportedly killed. But it is not clear whether he was shot dead by the police or committed suicide.

Local police via Twitter said, the injured condition of the victims who were shot unknown. Until now, police, paramedics and firefighters are still gathering at the shooting scene east of Toronto.

Location of shooting there are many popular restaurants, cafes and shops.

Armed violence often struck the City of Toronto throughout the year. Deaths due to armed violence in the city have jumped 53 percent to 26 people so far in 2018 from the same period last year.

The Toronto City Authority has deployed some 200 police officers since July 20. The move was in response to a recent round of shootings, which the city government sparked by violent criminal gangs.