UK Will Send The Mother Ship To The South China Sea

Photo: Reuters – The British Royal Military is reportedly about to ship their Mother ship to the South China Sea. This discussion is reported to have involved Australia.

Reported by Reuters on Monday (7/23/2018), According to sources, the ship is HMS Queen Elizebth in the near future.

Australian Defense Minister Marise Payne and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have discussed joint naval operations in the Pacific alongside British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson on Friday.

Williamson and Payne visited the BAE Systems shipyard at Clyde in Glasgow to review the latest Type 26 fregat ship Australia purchased last month in a £ 20bn deal. They also visited the British nuclear submarine base in Faslane.

The four ministers say that the existing threats have justified greater defense and security cooperation between Britain and Australia. This has been supported by the increase of British diplomatic posts in the southern Pacific countries such as Tonga and Vanuatu.

“At a critical point in world affairs, we feel it is very important for like-minded countries to join together to promote peace and stability,” Bishop said.