Russia Shoots Drone Fall on Military Base in Syria

Russia Shoot down Drone over Military Base in Syria
Russia says their air defense system at Hmeymim air base has shot down a drone close to the air. Photo : Reuters – The Russian air defense system at Hmeymin air base in Syria is reported to have shot down a drone in the region.

Reported from Tass, Monday (7/23/2018), it was delivered by Major General Alexei Tsgankov in a press statement.

He said that Russia’s air defense system saw a drone launched from a regional armed group in the North Latakia Province.

“Yesterday, air space control facilities from Russian air base Hmeymim saw a drone launched from an area controlled by illegal armed groups in northern Latakia province,” Tsygankov said.

When the drone approached the Russian air base, it was immediately shot down. No damage nor casualties he said.

“The air defense system then shoots down the target as it approaches the air base, with no casualties or damage.” Russian airbase Hmeymim operates in a scheduled mode, “he continued.

According to Tsygankov, Syrian rebels continue to violate a ceasefire in the ice escalation zone in Idlib. He said the Syrian government’s military base and residential area near the ceasefire line in Latakia province, Aleppo and Hama received mortar and artillery fire every day.