19 Killed and 13 Lost in Flood in Vietnam

Photo: BBC

atynews.com – Heavy rains and floods caused by Cyclone Son Tinh are reported to have killed at least 19 people in North Vietnam.

Reported from Xinhua, Monday (23/06/2018) 17 people reported injuries and 13 people missing in this disaster.

Among the dead, 11 are from northern Yen Bai province, and two each from the central Thanh Hoa province and northern Son La province.

Among the people on the missing list, 11 came from Yen Bai and three from Thanh Hoa.

Heavy rains, flash floods and landslides also destroyed 217 homes and flooded some 9600 homes.

The natural disaster also killed more than 1,300 cows and more than 27,600 birds, damaged 5,400 hectares of ponds, and flooded 113,000 hectares of rice and other crops.

According to local authorities, extreme weather heavy rain in the country will continue for days.