Prevent US Aggression, China Urged to Accelerate Nuclear Development

Photo: AP – China is required to consider the “adequate” size of the country’s nuclear weapons inventory for its competitors.

Launched from Global Times China, Monday (7/23/2018), the page published articles referring to the aggressive attitude of the United States (US) in the South China Sea.

The report also referred to the last meeting between President Trump and President Putin in Finland. They say that the US respects military power in the first place with nuclear weapons inventory.

“One of the lessons China has to learn from Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin’s meeting is that Washington respects military power in the first place and nuclear weapons supply, in particular,” the report said.

Russia is behind the respect of the United States and perhaps the only reason that has previously blocked NATO’s involvement in open conflict in Ukraine and Syria with Russia.

“Just by looking at America’s aggressive stance in the South China Sea and Taiwan’s problems, we know that China’s nuclear power ‘is far from enough.’ Part of the US strategic arrogance may come from its absolute nuclear superiority, “continued the article.

The United States has continued to strive lately into the South China Sea region. Not long ago, the US also held annual military exercises in the region.