CIA: China and the US are in Cold War

CIA officials - China and the US are involved in the Cold War
United States President Donald Trump (left) when he meets Chinese President Xi Jinping some time ago. Photo : Reuters – United States (US) is reported to have engaged Cold War. What’s more, Sanctions after the sanctions have been issued both countries for the economy.

Reported by CNN, Saturday (21/7/2018), This was revealed by Michael Collins who served as Assistant Director of the CIA at the Aspen Security Forum.

He said that China is currently trying to replace the United States as the world’s strongest nation.

He added that what China is currently doing to the United States is a Cold War.

“China is basically trying to replace the US as a major force in the world,” Collins said on Friday. “What they do to us is basically the Cold War,” he said again.

Collins explains, with the Cold War, China is using all the way of power, including the forbidden, to undermine the United States as its main rival.

According to Colloins, A resurgence of China wants every country in the world to side with Beijing, not Washington, especially when it comes to important policy decisions.

However, Collins pointed out that China does not want to pursue a kinetic war with the United States.

The CIA official continued that China is emerging at this moment under the leadership of President Xi Jinping’s Communist Party.